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Expert Tips
Written by highly experienced genealogists or archivists, our Expert Tips collection is building into an extensive selection of helpful insights into specific record sets, groups of resources and methods of research.

The Society hosts a small number of databases, some of which are free for non-members to use. For the specific benefit of IGRS members, we have been adding others which are available only in the Members’ Area.

Members Look-up Service
Some IGRS members hold personal libraries of books and/or documents and have volunteered to undertake ‘look-ups’ for other members.

Unique Collection of Books and Manuscripts – Library Holdings
Our collection includes many rare books and a number of unique manuscripts. The collection of books comprises works on Irish history, biography, gravestone inscriptions, family histories, journals, trade directories, poll books, published indexes, catalogues etc. The manuscripts includes material compiled from records held at the Public Record Office of Ireland before the great conflagration of 1922. Among the collections can be found copies and abstracts of wills, deeds, court records and parish records (particularly parishes from the Co. Cork area); notes and pedigrees on the Irish in Spain and South America; biographical notices from newspapers; card indexes to information noted on the Royal Irish Constabulary, customs men, north of Ireland families, Irish in Canada; information collected on officers of the Irish Brigades in the service of France in the 17th and 18th centuries; gravestone inscriptions; and thousands of files, notes and family trees submitted by members about their families and their research. There really is something for everyone!

Special Offers and Discounts
The IGRS is negotiating special rates and discounts with a variety of vendors whose products will be of interest to members.

Members Forum
This is a new private online group. It allows members to communicate directly with each other, to discuss aspects of genealogy, to explore and resolve queries and to offer advice and solutions. Find out how to share your knowledge and experience

Promotion of Members’ Websites
IGRS members can promote their personal family history website through a listing in the publicly-accessible Resources section of (see public page). It is hoped that such promotion will help members reach a wider audience and encourage sharing of research with others who may be studying the same family. To request inclusion in the public listing, please see


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