The Irish Genealogist, Vol 11


Vol. 11, No. 1



News about the Society, Obituary 1
The Society and its Website 2
The Daly Chronicle compiled by Dermot Daly 3
Clare Bards, Galway Gentry Patrick Melvin 13
Some Crowleys, musicians in the King of Oudh’s band Mary Casteleyn FIGRS 16
Survival! Cork Protestants Ian d’Alton 20
Catholic converts recorded in newspapers Anne Chamney FIGRS 31
Tens of thousands of nuns Michael Gandy FSG 51
Carew, Langton and Power an Irish trading company in 18th century Spain Samuel Fannin 53
Faulkner’s Dublin Journal 1759 H F Morris FIGRS 60
The search for William Joyce Thomas Keenan 85
Millennium project completed Richard Hannan FIGRS 89
2003 Subscriptions Renewal 91
Gift Aid Declaration 92
Reviews Mary Casteleyn, George Chartres, Lord Dunboyne, John Egan 93
Accounts 99

Vol. 11, No. 2



News about the Society 101
Obituaries 102
Three new Fellows 103
Richards of Solsborough, Co Wexford Christopher Richards 106
The Society’s website and the library 117
House of Rouskagh David Butler PhD 118
A pair of posers from the manuscript volumes of the journal kept by John Keegan John Egan FIGRS 135
The stuff of life Professor Thomas Preston FIGRS FRSA 138
The rise and fall of the Kenifecks of Ballindeasig House
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Anthony McCall 145
The registry of deeds Anne Chamney PhD FIGRS 152
Faulkner’s Dublin journal 1758 (Jan.–June) presented by H F Morris FIGRS 155
Reviews 166
Notice of Annual General Meeting, May 8, 2004 172

Vol. 11, No. 3



Obituary 173
News about the Society 175
Members’ deaths 176
The Farnham Manuscripts Anne Chamney, PhD, FIGRS 177
Linking Clann Aodhagain with Mac Fhirbhisigh Nollaig O’Muraile PhD 179
Changing family names in Williamstown Parish, in North-East County Galway Maeve Mulryan-Moloney 186
The O’Briens of Fairfield, Co Galway; The O’Brien Relations of Florimond, Comte De Basterot
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Mary Casteleyn, FIGRS 190
Distinguishing between Griffith’s valuation and the “Poor Law valuation” — more than just Semantics? William A Smyth 205
Faulkner’s Dublin Journal 1758 (July–Dec.) presented by H F Morris, FIGRS 209
LDS resources for the Irish Family Historian Sharon Hintze 219
Reviews 222
Errata 232
Annual General Meeting, May 7, 2005 — preliminary notice 233
Gift Aid Declaration 234
The Society’s Website and the Library 235
Financial Statement 236
Annual subscriptions — a reminder 237
Contributions to the Journal 238

Vol. 11, No. 4



News about the Society 239
New fellows 241
Members who have died 242
Ireland’s new Chief Herald 243
The Founder’s legacy, Wallace Clare, “Bubbles” John Egan, FIGRS 244
Royal roots, Republican inheritance Susan Hood PhD 247
Great Book of Irish Genealogies, Mac Fhirbhisigh Kenneth Nicholls FIGRS 254
Tracing Richard J Burke, Irish-American journalist, poet and playwright and his Irish forbears Adrian B Burke 257
The McHugos of Southern England M Barbara McHugo 271
Archibald Fitzgerald of Dublin and Texas, his fate Mary Casteleyn FIGRS 274
The McDermotts of Dublin and Ramore Mary Casteleyn 277
Reviews 280
  The Census of Elphin Peter Manning FIGS 280
  Clogher Record, Familia-Ulster,
Benedictine school for girls
George Chartres FIGRS 281
  Guardianship of Irish records, Avoca memorial inscriptions John Egan 282
Annual subscription reminder 285
Contributions to the journal 285
Society website and library 286
Accounts 287
John O’Neill, shoemaker and Poet, 50 years in London John Egan 288
A stranger who understood Sir John Forbes 300
The Irish Genealogist, Volume 4 contents 303
Membership list 306
How to find our library at the church of St Magnus the Martyr IBC

Contents of The Irish Genealogist


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