The Irish Genealogist, Vol 13


Vol. 13, No. 1

October 2010


News about the Society 1
Ireland Branch Chairman’s Report 2010 Steven ffeary-Smyrl, MAPGI FIGRS 4
Message from the Retiring President Sir David Goodall, GCMG FIGRS 6
Tribute: Professor Thomas Alexander Preston 7
Memorandum of the Events of the Married Life of Mary Wills Tom Wills-Sandford 8
John Waring Maxwell and the 1798 Rebellion Beverly Brown, PGDip (Gen Stud) 21
The Importance of Emigrant Documents Terrence M Punch, FRSAI FIGRS 29
Under the Spreading Egan Tree Joseph Wearing, DPhil (Oxon) 34
Register of Cases of Successful Vaccination in the District of Ballylesson, Union of Lisburn, Co. Down. Entries 1,501 to 2,000 Peter Manning, FIGRS 42
Register of Admissions to an Unidentified Irish Society, 1734-1791 (Entries Ito S) Peter Manning, FIGRS 59
Reviews 77
Report and Financial Statements — Year ended 31 December 2008 79

Vol. 13, No. 2

October 2011


News about the Society 81
Chairman’s Report 2011 83
Tribute: George Chartres 87
New Fellows 89
A Mac Fhlannchadha Fosterage Document, c.1580. Notes on the Síol Fhlannchadha of Tradraighe Luke McInerney 93
A ‘Census Substitute’ – a Petition for Regium Donum from the Presbyterian Congregation of Balteagh, Co. Londonderry, c. 1828 Steven C. ffeary-Smyrl, MAPGI FIGRS 129
If the Name Fitz or Not, a Father is Evident Nick Reddan, MSc GradDipStats BEc FIGRS 137
The Galweys of Munster Andrew Galwey and members of the Galwey/Gallwey family 139
Melian 2 an Unusual Name Rosemary Coleby, BSc FIGRS 149
Register of Admissions to an Unidentified Irish Society, 1734-1791 (Entries T to Z) Peter Manning, FIGRS 166
Reviews 171
Report and Financial Statements — Year ended 31 December 2009 174

Vol 13. No. 3

October 2012


News about the Society 177
Chairman’s Report 2011 Steven C ffeary-Smyrl 179
Tributes: Randall Gill, Desmond FitzGerald, Knight of Glin, Betty Dwyer 182
New Fellows: Dr Terrence Michael Punch, Randal Gill 185
Spanish Archives of Primary Source Material Samuel Fannin 186
The Rich Murphys of Waterford, Malaga, Mexico and London Martin Murphy 210
Roger O’Ferrall, his Family Background and Linea Antiqua Tomás G Ó Canann 212
Roster and Genealogy of Emigrants from Irelnad in Chiloé (1700–1900) Pablo A Pérez 226
The Irish Community in the Basque Country ca 1700–1800 Ekain Cagigal 238
Unlocking an Irish Paternity Case from the 17th Century: the Merediths of Sligo, Stansty and Leeds Abbey Lex Johnson 242
Apprenticeship Records and Power of Attorney, Armagh 1803–1856 Davide E Rencher 253
County of Armagh Jury Panel, Spring Assizes, 1857 Peter Manning 257
Electoral Roll for the Borough of Ennis, Co Clare, 1876–1878 Peter Manning 259
Reviews 267
Report and Financial Statements: year end 31 Dec 2011 269

Vol 13. No. 4

December 2013


News about the Society 177
Chairman’s Report 2013 Steven C ffeary-Smyrl 273
Tributes: Capt Graham H Hennessy RM; Mona Germaine Dolan 276
New Vice Presidents: Mary Casteleyn, Peter Manning, Rosalind McCutcheon 281
New Fellows: Terry Eakin, Claire Santry, Jill Williams 285
Spanish Archives of Primary Source Material for the Irish: Part II Samuel Fannin 288
The de la Chapelle or Supple or de Capel-Brooke families of Cork, Limerick and Kerry Paul MacCotter 311
A census of the Half Parish of Ballysadare, Co Sligo, c1700 R Andrew Pierce 344
An account of pensions which stood charged on the Civil List of Ireland in February 1713/1714 Mary Casteleyn 347
The Will of John Butler of Kilcash, Co Tipperary John Kirwan 375
Millerick: A History/Spirituality of an Irish Surname Martin Millerick 385
The Kirwans of Galway City and County and the County of Mayo Michael Kirwan 389
An Irish Scandal: The Marriage Breakdown of Lord and Lady George Beresford Elaine Lockhart 410
The Duffy Publishing Family John Brennan 426
Ireland – Maritime Canada – New England Terrence M Punch 436
The Catholic Registers of Killea and Crooke, Co Waterford Peter Manning 443
Reviews 458
Report and Financial Statements – Year ended 31 December 2012 462

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