The Irish Genealogist, Vol 9


Vol. 9, No. 1



News of the Society 1
The King Comes Here To-Night Lord Dunboyne 3
Memorial Inscriptions of Irish Interest from Somerset Diarmuid O’Murchadha 5
Faulkner’s Dublin Journal 1766 H. F. Morris 14
The Family of Everard Richard H. A. J. Everard 43
Church of Ireland Parish Registers in the Representative Church Body Library, Dublin Raymond Refausse 73
Dublin City Pipe Water Accounts 1704/5 Mary Clark 76
The Joyces of Merview Gordon St. George Mark 89
Miscellanea E. B. McGeehan 114
Reviews T. G. Chartres and Paul Gooey 134
Obituary 137
Two Thousand Year Calendar Andrew J. Clifford 138
Accounts 140
Subscriptions 142

Vol. 9, No. 2



News of the Society 143
Founding Fathers of the Society Lord Dunboyne 145
Faulkner’s Dublin Journal 1765 H. F. Morris 146
The Joyces of Merview Part III Gordon St. George Mark 173
A Seed Drops on a Distant Land: The Emigration of Patrick McMahon Timothy E. McMahon 188
Biographical Notes from the Commonplace Book of Patrick Hayden, Merchant of Carrigbeg, Co. Waterford Anthony McCan 195
Baptismal, Marriage and Burial Records from Finglas, Co. Dublin, 1658-1684 Raymond Refausse 202
The Nobles in Swanzy’s and Betham’s Extracts Talbot K. Green 210
Some Royal Irish Constabulary Emigrants Cyril G. Ward 231
Roll of the 10th N. Y. Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1865 Arthur T. Toole 238
Obituary 281
Journal of Irish Antiquarian Societies H. F. Morris 282
Reviews Lord Dunboyne and T. G. Chartres 288
Accounts 292

Vol. 9 No. 3



News of the Society 295
The Historian’s Microscope: Genealogy and Social History in the County of Wexford Sir David Goodall 297
Pue’s Occurrences 1744 – 1749 Rosalind McCutcheon 305
The Cavetown Mahons of County Roscommon Gillian Webster 381
Kilkenny City Voting List, 1832 Michael O’Dwyer 390
O’Connell of Cork Lord Dunboyne 404
Church of Ireland Parish Registers in the Representative Church Rod, Libra, Dublin Raymond Refausse 407
Journals of Irish Antiquarian Societies H. F. Morris 410
Roll of Fellows Andrew J. Clifford 415
Reviews 417
Accounts 419

Vol. 9, No. 4



News of the Society 421
The Hibernian–Argentinian William MacLoughlin 423
The Diocesan Records of Cloyne, Co. Cork Susan Hood 426
Who was Sarah Swiney? J. C. H. Shaw 438
Swanzy Will Abstracts Andrew J. Clifford 441
The Pynes of Co. Cork Revisited H. F. Morris 494
Roll of the 2nd Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery 1861-1865 (part 1) Arthur T Took 530
Reviews Mary Casteleyn, George Chartres and H. F. Morris 557
Obituaries 563
List of Members 566


Contents of The Irish Genealogist


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