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The Hon. Editor is interested to receive suitably academic submissions to The Irish Genealogist and will give them every consideration. Please provide copy by e-mail or on CD. The preferred file format is Microsoft Word, font Times New Roman 11 pt; footnotes 10pt. No double spaces between sentences. Do not worry about page widths, margins. Dates should be in standard genealogical format without commas (6 July 1906). Do not use superscript; use, for example, 6th.


These should be public domain, out-of-copyright or your own images, supplied as JPEG or TIFF files, at 600 dpi. Alternatively, please send originals for scanning. Provide a caption for each image.

Biographical details

As an initial footnote, each submission is to include a biographical detail of up to three lines on the author(s).


References should be as footnotes per page and should be constructed as set out here below.

Books with one author:

Edward Peacock, The Army List of the Roundheads and Cavaliers (London, 1863) p. 66.

Books with 2 or more authors:

James Mills and M.J. McEnery (eds.) Calendar of the Gormanston Register (Dublin, 1916), pp. 165-6.

Book Chapters: Titles of book chapters are enclosed in quotation marks

Nicholas Canny, ‘Early Modern Ireland, c. 1500-1700’ in R. F. Foster (ed.), The Oxford History of Ireland (Oxford Paperbacks, 2001), p.8-133.

Journal Articles

The title of the article should be enclosed in single quotes and the journal title italicized.
John A. Murphy, ‘The Expulsion of the Irish from Cork in 1644’, Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society 69 (1964), pp123-131.

Newspaper articles:

A. Bryce, ‘UK media frozen out for new Potter’, Guardian Unlimited, 6 June 2005.

Web sites:

British History Online, ‘Journal of the House of Commons’, 2, Aug 18 1642; 2, 20 Aug 1642; 4, May 13, 1646; online at [accessed 21 Dec 2004].

Personal Interview:

Alex Whitton, Personal interview, 21 Jan 2005.

Personal Website:

Donna Duncan, Home page [accessed 6 Sept 1998]

Online Book:

Charles Dickens, Great Expectations (London, 1861). Project Gutenberg [accessed 6 Sept 1998].

Online Article in Scholarly Journal:

Charles Moran, ‘From a High-Tech to a Low-Tech Writing Classroom’, Computers and Writing 15.1. [accessed April 1998]

CD-ROM (Non-periodical):

The Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd ed. CD-ROM, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1992).
NOTE: URLs and email addresses in the main taxt are italicised, but not in references.

Names and postnomials

No stops or commas in postnomials, but stops and spaces between initials e.g., A. B. Smith BSc FRS
Organisation acronyms – no spaces or stops e.g., IGRS, UNESCO, FOI
Other typical abbreviations: Bt., Capt., Co. (as in Co. Cork), Dr, Esq., Hon., Ltd., Mr., Mrs., No., p. (page). Rev., Thos., vol., Wm.


Where material is transcribed, it should be presented exactly as written in the original.


If you wish to contact the editor send

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