Beyond-2022 Lecture

Don’t worry if you missed today’s fantastic lecture by Dr Ciarán Wallace of Trinity College Dublin on the Beyond-2022 Project. You can still listen back by clicking on the image below.

Dr Wallace is Deputy-Director of the Project, which is an island-wide and international collaboration to launch an open-access, virtual reconstruction of the Public Record Office of Ireland’s Record Treasury as it stood before its destruction in June 1922 during the Irish Civil War. In his talk, Dr Wallace reviewed the history of archives in Ireland, leading to the eventual establishment in the late 1860s of the Publc Record Office – destroyed just fifty years later.

He also spoke about the background to the project and the remarkable success it is having in identifying surrogates of many classes of the records destroyed almost a century ago. He mentioned many of the industrious Irish genealogists, both amateur and professional, who were beavering away in the years before the fire. In many instances it is their transcripts and abstracts which have become a vital, alternative and unique resource since the loss of the original records.

The video features his talk plus a Q&A Session at the end. There is a discussion topic ready in the Forum should you wish to comment after viewing. We hope you enjoy the lecture!

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