Captain Clanchy’s Marriage Index

The Irish Genealogical Research Society is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Members’ Area of our website. We have begun adding Captain Clanchy’s Marriage Index, the first tranche covers the card entries for letters A through to C.

Clanchy#2Captain Henry Clanchy (1894-1966) was one of the Irish Genealogical Research Society’s earliest members. There was no overall index to the Society’s manuscripts during the 1950s, so he prepared an extensive card index of marriages gleaned from some of the Society’s unique manuscript collections and pedigree files.

Given the nature of the material he was consulting, the marriages tend to be those of the fairly well-heeled and well-connected, hence a high proportions of British Army officers, clerics, knights, higher ranking officers from the Royal Irish Constabulary and Dublin Metropolitan Police, Justices of the Peace, lawyers, judges and doctors are among the names recorded. Geographically, the index covers the entire island of Ireland and there are nearly 6,000 entries.

Organised by surname, Captain Clanchy’s Card Index has now been scanned and is being made available to IGRS members in a series of downloadable pdfs. More pdfs will be uploaded over the coming months.


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