Reply To: Records of the King’s Bench in Ireland?

 IGRS Editor

As there was little enough difference in the jurisdiction of the Irish court of Kings Bench it would be worth your while reading this wiki article on the Kings Bench in England:

In Ireland, among the four superior courts, it was mainly “big” criminal cases that were heard by the Kings Bench. Though much ordinary, but nonetheless serious, day-to-day crime was dealt with by the Assize courts, the next down, the Quarter Sessions and below them, the Petty Sessions. But the Kings Bench wasn’t exclusively hearing criminal cases, it could hear cases too where citizens sued one another, but where there appeared to be some aspect (sometimes fictional) that involved the King (or Queen, when the monarch was female).

Hope this helps. Bob Frewen is right that the best place for details about court cases is often the press, even where original material survives.


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