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 Noella Coutts

About 18 months ago after a dare from my sister to take a DNA test with Ancestry. And yes it confirmed what I already knew- my Ancestry is …. Irish!!! But I have always been curious about my gggtandmother whose surname was Dunoyer. And somfor a while I wasmhooked.  Not Irish, French. I thought. Perhaps Hugeunot origins? Sadly despite extensive research and even joining  the Hugeunot society I haven’t found out much, in fact I think I am about to throw the towel in on Ancestr!!!!  The records for all of my ancestors simply are not there. Can’t get back beyond ggrandparents! Guess Imam lucky to be able to get that far.
But I have met a wonderful community of Galway researchers with common ancestors and that has been fun!



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