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 Shonagh Love

I began by talking to my dad’s cousin in the 1980s – Dad was like a closed trap as far as family history went. I despaired of untangling the Irish family so started with my mother’s English side and my New Zealand family – going to the National Library whenever I was in Wellington. Then I came to Ireland in 2004 and a few years later a contact suggested I try the Registry of Deeds. Then I was really hooked! I have transcribed and abstracted hundreds of deeds (and see the results on Roz’s BMD pages) and go back to them to work out new branches. I’m lucky – the family were farmers, craftsmen, brewers, cabinet makers, and they made deeds and they deposited them at the Registry. Even if your people were not well off they may be named there as tenants or neighbours – as I’m finding for another branch of my family. That’s why the Registry of Deeds project is important. Shonagh


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