Reply To: New Member Inquiry – searching before 1840 and into the 1700s

 Bob Frewen

Brown is not a very common name in Co. Tipp. – about 140 Browns in total in the 1901 and 1911 censuses. Most Browns there would be descended from either English settlers or from an Irish ancestor who adopted the English version of a Gaelic name. There are no Browns mentioned in the book ‘The Tipperary Gentry’; the few that are mentioned in the ‘Biographical Dictionary of Tipperary’ are not gentry (and are mainly RC). As Presbyterians with Scottish connections they would be more likely to have hailed from the Northern part of Ireland. What makes you believe they might be armigerous? As Ulster Scots they would likely have a claim to belonging to the Broun/Brown Clan and use of the clan arms, although those arms have no legal standing under Scottish Law. Not many people are armigers in their own right. I’d be more inclined to research a N.Irish aspect more deeply given the religion and Scots links unless there was good evidence to support the link with Cashel.


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