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 Noella Coutts

Thank you Bob Freeman, yes I have always suspected they were Hugeunot ‘s but despite trawling through the Hugeunot society records I don’t seem to be able to further my research with this family.
I didn’t see the program- not available here in Australia. I am not 100% sure mu DuNoyer family are directly connected to Charles Victor, the painter though I have a theory that his father could be a cousin of my ggrandmother who arrived in Dublin around 1808( a newpaper article of the time suggests he was’newly arrived’ then. Some family members think he was my ggrandmother’s brother but???
I am honestly not sure how to further my research on this family. I have all but given up. I had thought of writing tom  Petra Coffrey( think that is her name) as she seems to be an expert on George Victor, the artist but somehow haven’t  plucked up the courage!! I guess she could just ignore my email!
But other than that- not sure where to go for more information.


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