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 mary casteleyn

You do not mention tombstones or churchyard memorials. Have your searched for these? People like these would have left memorials. Many Dublin graveyards have been transcribed and it would be worth your while trawling through what is available on line and in print. I know you are not looking for Robert Fannin but he gets a mention in several publications. The first is “Irish Furniture and Woodwork Carving in Ireland” by the Knight of Glin (2007) where he is described as a joiner, cabinet maker and auctioneer, of 15 Bride Alley, Dublin. The Irish Georgian Society web site lists relevant Theses to the study of Georgian Ireland. “Dublin Cabinet Makers and their Clientele in the period 1880-1841 (think this is a misprint and should be 1780-1841!) has been produced in 2 (very hefty) volumes which were presented for a PHD at University College Dublin in 2006. Obviously not widely available but Robert Fannin is mentioned in this. I did not find a reference to Fearne. Go to the web site of the Irish Georgian Society first and check this out. Robert Fannin’s work must have been very high class for the Irish Georgian Society to be interested in him.


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