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 Shonagh Love

Thanks for your thoughtful replies, Mary. I had noticed that Middlesex record & it probably is worth looking at. I do know  the Knight of Glin’s book & the appendix by John Rogers: he pointed out to me the Fannin records for baptisms in St Nicholas RC church & the Pue’s Occurances notice for Ebenezer Fearns/Freanes. I do also have an interest in the Fannin family as 2 of Margaret & John Fossitt’s children married into that family. There were actually three men named Robert Fannin in succession (and probably more before) and the older two were both cabinet makers, though they later both became business men & property owners as the laws changed. Robert (2) was at times in business with Ebenezer Fossitt/Fawcett, his brother-in-law. I know that Robert (1) & (2) were buried in St James churchyard, as were their wives – but I haven’t been up to Dublin for ages so haven’t checked the actual stones.

Going back to Fearns, I think there could also be a Westmeath connection to Antony Fearns who died in 1716;I have traced that family through deeds & some do end up in Dublin, but have not found an absolute link, though I recently found that John Alexander Fearnes of Clonfenleigh Cottage, co Roscommon was a trustee in the MS of Robert Fannin (3) & Henrietta Molony in 1839. In Dublin, there are newspaper records of Joseph Ferns dying in 1770 in Brides Alley; he was husband of Jane Loyd who married (2) John Mathews who was a carpenter. Joseph & Jane’s daughter Lydia married Blacker Mathers – and there are later Mathers/Fossitt marriages. There are multiple links between the Fossitt family & the Homan and North families which led me to hope for a definitive connection to the Fearns/Homan marriage. And to disentangle the Fearns family! I will look at those Middlesex wills.




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