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 Kate in PA

The best thing I ever did was pay for my aunts – one on each side – to get tested. Unfortunately, my parents are deceased, so my aunts are the next best thing. It’s not the perfect solution, but I’ve been able to separate the two sides of my family to an extraordinary degree by seeing if people share DNA with one of my aunts. I’ve been very fortunate with DNA matches. One brief example: my g-g-grandfather left Tipperary with his four brothers in 1849 and they all settled in the St. Lawrence River region of Ontario. We knew there were three additional siblings and since no one had ever heard a word about their families, we assumed the three siblings stayed in Ireland. Then we had our DNA tested and found descendants of all three!  A brother had settled in upstate New York; a sister in Chicago; and another sister in San Francisco by way of Australia. We also managed to prove that our family was indeed part of a very well-known clan in Tipperary – one that traces its origins back centuries. So, it has been a boon to us. (By us, I mean a group of cousins who are all amateur genealogists.) I had my cousin’s y-DNA tested and found it to be not very valuable. I was able to nail down an approximate county of origin, but that is it. I’ve found no real connections with y-DNA.


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