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 Charles Reagan

ClaireB and Karen, thank you for your responses. I do not have their birth records. Martin is listed as being born in County Cork. Johanna is listed as being born in Ireland, but I don’t yet have any other detail. I am looking through Cork church records on one of the web sites for a birth or baptism record, but that is a tedious process and will take more time. I will focus on the Barryroe area now though. They were apparently married in the US. There is a ship’s register that has the two Johannas arriving in the US in 1865, I believe. I downloaded the document, but it got corrupted, so I have to go find it again ūüôĀ . Otherwise I’m just guessing.

Good news is that through this process I have found a branch of my Reagan family that I did not know existed. They’re 3rd cousins, some living within 15 miles of me in Dallas, TX! Crazy. We’ll be getting together in the next couple of weeks.


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