Reply To: Gorman/O'Gorman of Ballyduff, Thomastown, Kilkenny

 mary casteleyn

Hello again Brid. thank you so much for all this information. It is only by building up a picture, bit by bit, that you may finally get a breakthrough and eventually that something will click into place. Having read all the research you have done, it seem to me that there is most probably a connection with Michael O’Grady Gorman. It is simply not a coincidence that all these people were blacksmiths and that Michael was in the Horse Artillery. Recruitment for the Indian Army service was going on in this area of Kilkenny at the time Michael must have enlisted. We have another fellow, about two villages away, also in the Indian service as an ordinary soldier but he returned to Ireland. There must have been someone in the area with connections to get these lads into the Indian Service. Interesting that he opted for this rather than the more conventional British Army regiments. Mind you since he must have enlisted after Waterloo in 1815 and after that date many British Army regiments were disbanded or reduced as they were simply no longer needed since Napoleon had been defeated. Further Michael does seems to have been bright; I have a feeling that someone, the landlord perhaps(?), or some other person in the local gentry noticed that he was bright and took an interest in him; this may be the same person that endorsed any papers that had to be filled in for the Indian Army. I do not think it a coincidence either that his assassin mistook him for an officer – he obviously had something about him that made him stand out from the crowd. Papers in the Indian Office Library may help you there. He would have had to have completed an entry applications (although this might be called something else). We will keep looking at this end and let you know if we find anything.


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