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Hello again,

I am tracing the Minnesota O’Gormans and have got as far as Patrick’s will, i.e. Michael O’Grady Gorman’s brother Patrick.  There is no mention of his son John, who is possibly my great grandfather.  That John may have died or he may have come back to Ireland.  There is a mention of K company (Civil War) on one of the headstones but I have to be very careful that I have the right O’Gormans.  Another O’Gorman from Kilkenny emigrated around the same time and he and his friend Richard Ireland had sons who became bishops.  Because of this there is an account written about how they and their families made their way in the new country and why they settled in Minnesota. There is confusion in compiled records about one of Patrick’s daughters as there seem to be two marriages of a Margaret O’Gorman to a Patrick Quigley.  One of them has descendents but I haven’t established yet whether it is the right one or not.  This search is proving very interesting but  I have a daughter getting married in three days so I must leave it for the moment.  Thank you sincerely for setting me on this chase whether I am following my great grandfather and great great grandfather or not.






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