Can anyone help with this photo ? (N Ireland)

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    I am trying to verify lineage of John Coyle – born ca 1875 (from Cavan).  Per his wedding cert (November 1904), his father was called Eugene.  John was also a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians.  In this photo is DEFINITELY

    (1) John’s wife – Maggie Coyle (originally Margaret Annie McCarney from Trillick).  She is on the front right – holding a hat.

    (2) his daughter – Mary (Molly) Josephine Coyle – she’s the young girl in the back who was born in 1919.  I’d guess the photo was taken in 1927 – ish.  Molly was his only child.

    (3) Potentially his mother – sitting in the middle (next to Maggie Coyle) and looking downwards.  I’ve been told she was called ‘Granny Sheridan’ but I’ve found no evidence of a mother of that name for John – who was still alive in 1927!  She apparently was from Cavan also.

    (4) Can anyone identify the location ?  Or any of the folks in the photo ?

    Would be really thrilled to get any info at all.

    Many thanks,




    HI Maggie
    So no one here had any obvious answers on this one. If you are still trying to identify them then I think there are a number of strategies you could consider. Firstly trying to find others researching the Coyle family.
    If you know the actual parish in Cavan for this family you could join Ireland Reaching Out at
    and then join that parish on Ireland Reaching Out and post the picture and query on their message board.
    Have you a Facebook account or at least access to one via a family member? Facebook can be very handy for crowdsourcing your Irish genealogy. There is an active Cavan genealogy page and I suggest you post the photo and query there also.
    Here is a Rootschat piece from someone researching Coyle family in Cavan
    If you have access to search there to see if anyone has a tree there for this Coyle family and send them a message.

    If none of the above work then you could also try posting on some of the Coyle family pages on Facebook – note the biggest one appears to be Coyle family Donegal rather than Cavan.
    Do let us know how you fare.


    Thank you very much Jill.
    I did manage to make a bit of progress and find out a few things since this post, but I will definitely follow up on the suggestions below.  I’m so very appreciative of your help.
    Many thanks,

     Web Editor

    It is a great picture.

    Fashions in Ireland were usually a little behind the rest of the world but those hats definitely look 1920s.

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