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     Karen Dunn

    Thanks to the help of the group, I am getting much closer to figuring out my direct line. There are 2 deeds that a group member had discovered.  The names in them are names that I am seeing related to different lines of my family.  I don’t understand what “the first part”, “the second part” and “the third part” mean and also who is related to each other in the 2 deeds that are attached.   If anyone could share their thoughts, I would truly appreciate it.  Thank you.

    This is an excerpt from the first memorial:

    Memorial deed


    This an excerpt from the second memorial:



     Web Editor

    Ok, so the “parts”, literally the people who are party to this deed, indicating their separate involvement in whatever transaction is taking place.

    In the first one, we have James Barry, a farmer from Killmacow in Limerick, his sister, Ellen Barry, and someone else called Edward Barry. He is probably more distantly related than the siblings.

    The second one mentions a Martin Barry, brother of James Barry, a farmer from Killmacow again.

    You haven’t included the date on the first memorial but I would presume these two James are the same person, unless the years are very different.

    So we probably have 3 siblings and perhaps a cousin. You’ll need to look at other records to help iron that out.

     Karen Dunn

    Thank you ClaireB,

    I apologize. I didn’t see your reply until today when I logged into the site. I am no sure as to why I didn’t see your response earlier.

    The information that you have shared is very helpful. They were deeds were  both done on the same day on Nov 1,  1835.  I am thinking that James is the same person too.  One is memorial 31 and the next is memorial 32 (FHL film 469791 pages 20 and 21).


    Page 19


    My gg grandfather, William Barry, had lived in Kilmacow, Ballingarry  and was a tenant; later on my gg grandmother, bought the property when he had passed away. I haven’t been able to  figure out when and through whom the property passed from to William.

    Family says that we have a connection to the Sandville Barrys  and that we were one in the same at one time. John Barry from Sandville, Limerick had a connection to this land through. Barry land in Kilmacow had an Incumbered estates record and John Barry is referenced.

    Thank you,




     Web Editor

    What might be useful at this point is to review the various church records from that area and try to put all Barrys into family groups.


     Karen Dunn

    Hello ClaireB,

    That is a great idea. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.





    Given your deed is dated in the 1830’s, I’ve had a quick look at the contemporary Tithe Applotment Books on the National Archives of Ireland website and found 2 James Barry’s listed for Kilmacow, one senior and one junior, so presumably father and son?  Don’t know if that helps or hinders!  This link will hopefully take you straight there –  Else redo the search for surname Barry and Townland Kilmac*

    Step forward to Griffiths Valuations and there are many Barry men listed for the Parish of Ballingarry, Co. Limerick, including a James – maybe that son?  If you want to know who your ancestors inherited specific land from, you would need to find the specific parcel in the published GV lists and then follow it forward in the Valuation Revision Books.  If you are unfamiliar with these documents, Claire Santry has a really good guide on her website at


     Karen Dunn

    Hi RuthM,

    Thank you for your post and for searching. I appreciate it.  I have made printouts of Griffiths Valuation and  the Valuation Revision Books. I also have checked out Claire Santry’s site; it has some resources that I hadn’t seen before.  I wonder if James Jr is the son of James Sr.

    Just the other day, I was searching through some newspapers and had found the following:

    James Barry 1835

    Cherrygrove appears to have been an estate in Croom, Ireland via NUI Galway OE Gaillimh.  From what the website says , there is a connection to Barry (Friarstown), Harding (Co. Limerick), Sheely (Cork& Limerick), and Cripps.

    When searching, I also found this:

    I’m not entirely sure who David and Catherine are as of yet.  Ballinard appears to be in Herbertstown, Limerick. There was a person named, Thomas Barry, of Ballinard who appears to have been the son of Garrett Barry. Thomas died in August of 1851 per The Limerick Chronicle.

    My gg grandfather, William, is a mystery to me.  He wound up living in Kilmacow. I am not sure who his parents were or where he came from. He was born in 1822, got married at Ballingarry Parish to Honora Quaid/e on June 6, 1861.  I see him at Kilmacow for sure in 1866 via a license for his dog. I am thinking that he could have been from either Kilmacow or possibly from Ballinard.

    Thank you,





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