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    This morning, the IGRS posted the first in a series of editorials on the historic Civil Register release just over a year ago.

    This thread has been opened to facilitate discussion on the topic.


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    Is there any official channel that you know of to write to to ask for news or add our vote for this work to be completed?  I recently made some progress on a branch of my tree and it was so frustrating to run up against the published year thresholds too quickly and know that there were several candidates that I wanted to look at.  Interestingly, the England and Wales GRO have just announced that they are relaunching their trial of being able to order PDF certificates but they are still charging £6 for them!

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    You could try them on twitter: @civilreg_irl ‏ or the Dept directly @DeptAHG or the minister herself @HHumphreysFG ‏


    I’ve just heard from a contact at WDYTYA Magazine whom I alerted to our news story.  They contacted the Department of Culture directly and got a response that suggests that we might have some good news very soon – see http://www.whodoyouthinkyouaremagazine.com/news/genealogy-news-roundup-living-dna-announces-global-family-tree-plans (4th story down)

    Wouldn’t that be a great Christmas present for all of Irish genealogy!

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    I also heard something at Back to Our Past last weekend that suggested we might be getting something soon!

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    It’s about time too!

    Just goes to show the influence and reach that a Society like the IGRS can have in the world of Irish genealogy.

    Here is a link to the piece on the WDYTYA? magazine’s website, fourth item down: http://www.whodoyouthinkyouaremagazine.com/news/genealogy-news-roundup-living-dna-announces-global-family-tree-plans

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    I hate to add on to their project, but we really need to talk about nicknames on I.G.  They really need to be cross referenced with their surname. For example, I am researching Moriarty in Kerry. When the name is in the Killorglin records it is only Buoney or Caulea. No mention of Moriarty.  Connor from Beaufort Kerry is Gow (blacksmith), but other places that is an O’Sullivan name. Today I just found the name Blueman. When I googled it I found an obit for a Blueman Sullivan. Duna is another Moriarty nickname. I am working on an excel sheet of everything I come across but I think it needs to be a bigger project. Just with the Moriarty name, thousands of records are not showing up when you type in the surname. You have to know the nicknames.


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    That’s very interesting Jean. You should consider publishing your spreadsheet online when it’s complete as I think it would help others.

    There are new records on Irishgenealogy.ie today – it’s not totally clear year but definitely the 1916 births and 1941 marriages and some extra marriages in the “back catalogue” from 1871-1881 adding to the post 1881 records. I see some deaths from 1890 where previously there was only 1891 onwards, but maybe they ran out of time today and we’ll see more there tomorrow.


    Yes Jean that can be a problem.  I certainly have come across entries for Gow in the civil registration index at irishgenealogy.ie  which relate to Sullivan Gow.   I think this again is the problem of having the digitisation done abroad without knowledgeable professional specification and monitoring of the end result.

    So far looking at Donovan entries in West Cork I have come across Rossa entries that do not show up under Donovan when the surname is O Donovan Rossa.

    When you are ready to share your spreadsheet or even a summary of its results I know the IGRS library would be very keen to have a copy.


    Just been looking for some register entries on the Irish Genealogy website this morning and have noticed they have (quietly?) added more images for marriages and deaths.  Marriages now appear to go back another 8 years to 1870 and deaths another 13 years to 1871 according to the information page on the web site.  I haven’t seen anything announced for these extra images so I suppose we have to just keep checking.

    Anyway, enjoy the new bounty!


    Oops – need to post an amendment to my previous post!  The images back to the dates noted were released at the end of last year as reported by Claire Santry – http://www.irishgenealogynews.com/2017/11/irish-civil-bmd-records-latest-on.html – I just didn’t get around to following up some older references until later in January so thought they were “new”!

    Anyway, here’s hoping the rest of the outstanding images do make it online very soon in 2018 – please keep us posted with anything you find out.


    I have just joined the IGRS following some years of family history research. I am particularly interested in the Foley family of Gortloughra, Killorglin parish, County Kerry. They also gave their address as Coomcloghaun which is a small lake within the townland. I notice that Jean McCormack has observed the many family nicknames that proliferate where a surname is very common. This is true of my ancestors who were known as the ‘Liam Ogs’ after my Gt Gt Grandfather William Foley ( circa 1805-1900).

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