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    Just interested to know who has done DNA testing to further their genealogical research.

    I’ve done quite a bit testing myself, mother, brother (father unfortunately dead), aunt, a sample cousin of each side for each of my parents and a great-aunt. These are all autosomal. This has been hugely beneficial for filling out branches of my tree.

    I’ve also dipped my toe into Y testing my uncle, mother’s paternal first cousin (as she has no brothers), and a 3C1R to try and test a theory.

    Have done my own mitochondrial as well – but have made little progress on this front.

     Noella Coutts

    Yes I have done autosomal testing with Ancestry and uploaded to My Heritage and Family Tree DNA. Through Ancestry I have confirmed my DuNoyer 3xggrandparents, and found another generation in a couple of other families along with a numbermof 3 rd and 4 th cousins.No YDNA testing however as I have no brothers and my father is dead and he had no brothers!! Trying to persuade other second cousins( no first on Dad’s side) to do it but so far no takers!!

    i’ve thought about mitochondrial testing but not sure how much it can help?.


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    Fingers crossed the second cousin will test. There’s a line in my family that daughtered-out unhelpfully too.

    I tested my MDNA in the hope of (eventually) uncovering about that line. It ends for me with a Mary Mahony who died in 1908. I have not been able to find her marriage, but I have it pinned to a 2 year time frame, as she was the second wife of her husbands, and I know when the last child was born to the first wife. She came from Co. Clare but I don’t know where.


    I have completed the FTDNA full mtDNA test as well as the Y-700 test, and the ftDNA Family Finder Autosomal test.  The big problem is getting the male family members to take the test and realize the benefits we as researchers get from the results.

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    I’m still quite new with Y-DNA but is there much benefit in getting different men to test? I understand that male members of the same family will all have identical (unless a mutation has happened).

    I’ve paid for most of the tests taken by my family members, so that limits me for Y as well. It’s just so much more expensive than autosomal.

     Keith Dawson

    Some years ago I had a Y test done by Genographic and it was placed in the Dawson DNA database and the Ulster database both now hosted by Familytreedna.com I think. In those days (2007) only 12 markers were tested, although I understand that, providing the sample has not degraded, you can have it extended for ££. I had one other Irish Dawson contact me who reckoned we had a common ancestor within the last 700 years!

    More recently I had an Ancestry DNA autosomal test done. This has confirmed links with many Irish and other families back to the late 17, early 1800s but not proved or disproved links with other Dawson Irish families from earlier times.

    The autosomal test definitely has extended the number of cousins I knew about, but rather by delineating descendants rather than new branches.


    Just joined too. Hopefully, it’s all gonna be great


    Next Saturday 25th April is regarded as DNA day. A number of the testing companies are offering discounts. It may be a good time to take a test or upgrade an existing test. Have a look at the individual companies websites to see their current discounts.

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