Donnell vs Donnelly in Nodstown, Tipperary

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    Hi all,

    I study O’Donnell lines in Tipperary, and have always ignore records for DONNELLY, thinking it a distinct family (I understand Donnelly means son of Donnghaile, while O’Donnell means son of Domhnall. It seems that the Donnelly line is descended from the original Domhnall, but they come from his great grandson, Donnghaile back in the 10th Century).

    But going through records for Nodstown in Tipperary, it seems things get blurred. I see three housholds in the Tithes lists named as Donnelly, but the children baptised as a mix of Donnell (or Dannel, Daniel) and Donnelly. Even the same family seems to alternate in what appears in the parish register. And then the same landholder in the Griffiths books is usually Donnell (but in one case Dannel in the 1846 House book, and Donnelly in the Tenure book, and also the final published version).

    So, my question: any idea what is going on? Would these be Donnellys who changed over to Donnell, or could it be just a mistake by whoever wrote down the records.

    I have not seen this confusion in any other parish in Tipperary.

    Mick O’Donnell

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