Help finding Glennon ancestors/cousins?

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    Growing up, I always heard that my great-great-great grandfather, James C. Glennon, was Irish. The family story always said that his father was one of a set (this differs and ranges from either 6-9) of brothers who all came over to America from Ireland. I, as well as my father, have looked for years for any documentation of his parents or even possibly James himself arriving here but so far, nothing. However, here is what I DO know about him:

    James C. Glennon was born 1816 in either Leon or St. Augustine, Florida and died February 1860 in Drew County, Arkansas.

    His wife was Anna Mariah Atkins. She was born February 13, 1831 in Georgia and died October 2, 1913 in Drew County, Arkansas.

    Supposedly, he had recieved teachings in becoming a doctor in Florida and on his way to Arkansas, met and married Anna in/around Oklahoma, I believe. As early as 1845, they moved to Drew County, Arkansas (there’s documentation of him buying a land grant at that date). And in early 1860, after 15 years of living in Drew County, he passed away at the age of 44 from what the mortality schedule calls “inflammation of the brain” (likely meningitis).

    Recently, I found a cousin with whom I share a Glennon ancestor – the only one I’ve found through DNA matches that’s NOT descended from James. It’s a distant match – we share about 0.1% of DNA and 10 cm on chromosome segments. Her 4th great-grandfather was a man named John Glennon (b.1828) married to Ann (maiden name possibly Kinney?), the parents of Rear Admiral John Henry Glennon. They immigrated from Ireland which led me to look at where they lived upon coming here – Massachusetts. And lo and behold, I found a TON of Glennons living there! I had no idea, I’d always looked in Florida and only there.

    So I looked a bit more and found a James Glennon there working as a clerk in 1837, enlisting in the army. He was listed as being from Westmeath and born in 1815 or so. This would be prior to becoming a doctor and getting his degree in Florida, which makes sense. AND ironically enough, he had the same description in appearance as some of James’ grandsons – gray eyes and dark hair.

    Basically, my question is this: does anyone know who this James Glennon working as a clerk in 1837 in Norfolk, Massachusetts could be? Or even better, who the parents of this John Glennon was? My best guess is that they were likely brothers but I have no clue right now. It would mean so much to me!

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