Irish records of Cork 19th century emigrants successsful in Mexico US etc.?

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    I have recently been asked to suggest a place in Ireland that might hold records of a Jeremiah Galvan  and his sister Mary from Cork.  Apparently he was initially in Mexico and later did well for himself in Texas.  They left Ireland in the 1840s.  “He became a very wealthy merchant and prominent politician in Matamoros, Mexico and Brownsville Texas. ”  He died in 1870. 

    The query continues

    Is there an organization or research society you can direct me to that may hold information about immigrants who went to the US? Because of Jeremiah’s prominence I am hoping that some word of his success reached Ireland and perhaps might have been noted there in an archive or database?”

    Now if we were talking about the North of Ireland I would suggest the Mellon Centre for Migration Studies (CMS) at the Ulster American Folk  but for Cork??

    I checked the Irish Genealogist but saw no reference to him.   I also realise that Irish newspapers may contain something as might back issues of the journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society.  My impression of the  Cork Archives does not lead me to expect anything to be there.    Has anyone any other suggestions?   I know my initial question arose from the query above but I am interested in the general answer too for when I come across similar queries.

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