Lease for life renewable for ever

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    My ancestors had a lease for life on 60 acres of land in Furroor Co Clare. It’s near Lissycasey. Could anybody advise how a family would qualify for such a lease as far back as 1829. Are there any index available recording such leases. They were an R.C. family. Thank You Sean Coghlan.

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    Hi Sean

    I’m not aware of a specific index for those type of leases but the Registry of Deeds is the main repository. Leases for life were not uncommon and by 1829, all of the Penal laws had been relaxed or abolished.

    2 online places to check:
    RoD index project
    Records of Landed Estate Courts on (subscription required)


    Sean, The Registry of Deeds microfilms are now online at   It takes a bit of effort but well worth wrapping your head around the system. You might want to read up on it before diving in, but it was more than likely registered. I usually first look in the Land Index books around the time I think the Lease was first issued, then look for the corresponding volume and Memorial number. How do you know they had a Lease for life? There might be some clues in the information you already have.

    Good luck.


    Nufarr, Thank you very much for this link. Months of work ahead! Geoff.


    Was it a lease for life or simply a lease for the life of …person A,B,C?


    Bob Graham

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