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    Still hoping there may be someone  who is a descendant of the Robert Middleton who went to the US c1810-1818 and lived on “New York island” and in Harlem Heights NY . Robert & his wife Mary Ann had a daughter Jane and 4 sons, William John Robert & Thomas. A letter dated in 1818 gives the New York Island address and that a 4th son was born July 1818. The children are all named and as Thomas was the last I am figuring this was the one born 1818. I have no idea if any or all of the others were born in US or Ireland. The start date 1810 is because he may have gone from Ireland at the same time as his sister and brother-in-law the Hu(e)stons and they had a child born 1810 in New York, US.

    Robert Senior had a brother still living in the townland of Corraghy, Ireland and it was his/their sister Martha who had married a John Hu(e)ston and went on to Ontario, Canada.

    Regards, Patricia

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    Hi Patricia

    I see that Corraghy is the name of two  townlands in Cavan and one in Fermanagh. Do you know which of these counties Robert senior was in?  One of these Cavan Corraghy townlands is in the civil parish of Shercock.  I notice that there was a William Middleton there in Griffiths Valuation.  It may be worth researching that family to see if they are still in the area.  You may also want to post a Middleton query on the relevant parish on the Ireland Reaching Out website – http://www.irelandxo.com/ireland/cavan/shercock-cavan/message-board


    Good morning,

    My family of Middletons were in Corraghy Townland, Co Cavan and the closest town was Shercock. The closest town for most of the family bdm registrations was Bailiebrorough. I have all the Griffiths Value possibilities as well, many thanks for that. What I am looking for and I have even done 2 lots of DNA is what happened to Robert and his wife MaryAnn nee Cuming (many spelling options) in the US.

    I haven’t tried the irelandxo site at all so thank you again.

    I think there is a possiblity he went at the same time as his sister and brother-in-law, Martha nee Middleton and John Hu(e)ston to the States. John & Martha went on to Ontario as he had been sent to help set up townships there and there is a town Cavan in Ontario. I found out about Robert because of letters he sent to Martha and John and because John was involved in politics etc his correspondence is held in the Trent Archives.

    Interestingly, a Nepheew of Robert’s, Samuel Middleton went to NY c 1908 on the same ship with a John Mahood (his cousin) and they were being met by a John Hueston according to the manifest. There are connections I just have to find them.


    Regards, Patricia




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