Mystery boys

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    Does anyone recognise the uniforms on these boys?

    I found the photo in my grandmother’s collection. She was born in 1920 in Dublin – Catholic family. She only had one brother and I don’t recognise him in this photo – and we do have photos of him as a boy.

     mary casteleyn

    That photo looks like the Boys Brigade to me. This was/is a Christian Youth Organisation in the UK and Ireland. See for similar pictures They were not Catholic though.
    Mary Casteleyn

     Web Editor

    Thanks Mary.

    The sash does look like boys brigade but the hats are not all the same. Did different ranks have different hats?

     mary casteleyn

    I wonder if the outfit was slightly different in Ireland? You could send their archivist (they are bound to have one somewhere) a copy of the picture and ask them what they think….If this photo depicts one of their Irish units they will be quite interested to see it. You could also ask where in Ireland/ Dublin the unites were based and if they have any records, such as membership records which may have survived. Worth a go?

     Web Editor

    Definitely worth a try: thanks, Mary.

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