Researching the Dolan family of Co. Roscommon

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    My wife’s paternal ancestors (Dolan) originated in Co. Roscommon perhaps in Lissonuffy or surrounding area. The information I have is not detailed enough to be able to say for certain. That is except for great grandfather James P. (Patrick?) Dolan. However his family story begins as a young man getting married to Sarah Devine in the Glasgow area of Scotland. Sarah’s parents are also of Irish descent but, according my wife’s DNA analysis, most likely from Co. Donegal.

    James was born on 08 Feb 1841 and died sometime in 1899 at the Long Island Hospital, Boston, MA

    Sarah was born on in 1848 at High Church, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland and died in 1909 at the same hospital.

    That summarizes the oldest verifiable data we have. So we’re needing leads that will take us further back for the Dolans. I anticipate that there may be records on this site or associated sites that will help. If anyone can give me a shove in the right direction, I’d appreciate it.


    Hi Rick If James and Sarah married in Scotland have you got their marriage record? Scottish records are quite good and should at least furnish you with both father and mothers’ names and occupations for the bride and groom. You can order the record online at
    If the couple were not well off, then it may be worth checking the Poor Law records to see if either of them or their children claimed for assistance. Glasgow Poor Law records can be very detailed and are often the key to pinpointing exactly where in Ireland someone was from. Unfortunately these are not online but need to be consulted in person at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow.

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    Be careful not to set too much store to the ethnicity estimates on DNA tests. Most genetic genealogists agree that they are only accurate on a continental level.

    What we see on Ancestry DNA results is a combination of DNA and the self-inputted details from your matches’ family tree geographical locations.


    Yea, the ancestry DNA summary says my family is from Leinster, but I know from hard data that we are from Connaught.
    Tom Crane

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