Rourke/Flaherty Ferns Wexford plea for help from more experienced heads

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    Hi all


    I just joined today and are posting this query in the hope that someone might be able to point me in the right direction.

    My query pertains to my father’s side of the family, his grandfather Thomas is shown in the 1901 census here.

    The family’s fortunes declined after this date following their eviction by John Carroll’s ironically this landowners granddaughter Annie would marry Thomas’s son William decades later, and my father was born to them.

    By the 1911 census Thomas was dead and the family was poverty stricken living in difficult circumstances. My grandfather William had been born his Sister was working at another location on census night.

    Thomas and Mary had married in 1893


    Mary died in 1930,

    Thomas as stated previously had died much earlier in 1910

    The above is what we know, the following is what we believe to be true.

    Hugh Rourke (father of Thomas) lived in Ballycadden, the Flahertys were cobblers they were from the Askamore/Ballyellis area (between Carnew and Craanford.

    I have managed to trace my dads mothers family back to the 1700s but have hit a wall on Hugh Rourke and the Flahertys, I am hoping you can assist in finding a link to their story.

    We do not know who Thomas’s first wife was and if he had children with her, and would be delighted to learn about this.

    In addition we are keen to establish if there are any traceable family links between Annie Rourke my grandmother and William Rourke my grandfather. Annie is shown here in the 1911 census However as we have Annie’s family tree back to the 1700s we might be able to forge that link if you are successful in the Hugh Rourke and William Flaherty quest.

    I am unsure where any of them are buried, but with their extreme poverty it is possible they do not have a marker above their grave. I would like to find their graves and if unmarked ensure that we put a suitable marker up for them.

    I am really looking forward to hearing from you, and hoping you can assist in this endeavor, I hope and trust that my posting this is in order.


    Martin O’Rourke



     Web Editor

    He was born in 1823 and married 1844. Not entirely sure when he died. I have a candidate but can’t prove it’s him. There’s a few Hugh Rourkes on Griffiths Valuation, some of whom may be the same person but they’re too disparate to all be the same guy.

    Have you traced descendants of both sides O’Rourkes and done DNA tests to see what, if anything, they share?


    Hi Claire,


    I did secure a DNA test and have linked back to my grandmother’s great grandmother’s family branch which was really amazing for me, as I have now been able to add their tree to my own, or will as soon as I get a little time.


    However the mysterious Hugh Rourke side has not delivered any real links.

    The hunt continues


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