Samuel Ford, steerage, Scotland, Australia

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    I am researching Samuel Ford born c. 1786 but that about all I know.  He married Margaret Wright on Cumbrae, Scotland, raised ten children five of whom settled in Australia.  He worked as a quarrier.

    Despite years of toil I cannot find any evidence of Samual Ford’s family in Scotland.  Given that he had ten children the names of which might follow the general accepted pattern in which case his parents would be Robert and Mary.  However, there is no record of such a liaison in Scotland or England.

    Margaret Wright’s ancestors I can trace back into the 1600s, all from nearby to Cumbrae.

    Margaret’s father, Robert Wright was a mariner on the revenue cutter, Royal George, which was stationed on Cumbrae 1780 to 1820.

    Robert Wright father was Alexander Wright who died on Cumbrae 1817.   Alexander Wright was seized a ‘feu’ title and is recorded in the Register of Sasines, titles which were give to the crew of the Royal George.  Long story here.

    My own suspicion is Samuel Ford came from Ireland.  However, I can find no concrete reference to the name Ford other than through the well know car makers families who love in Co. Cork.

    Apart from seeking some information of Ford in Ireland I would like to know the cost of a steerage passage to America and Australia in 1800.

    Thank you for reading

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    Hi John


    It might be worth having a look at John Grenham’s page for Ford, which shows that it’s not concentrated in one place in Ireland.

    There’s no comprehensive source for the beginning of the 19th century that will give you something concrete.

    Have you done a DNA test?




    Hi Claire

    Thank you for your response.

    Yes, I have accessed John Grenham’s page and worked through the 925 Ford’s.  The I’ve also worked through Griffith’s valuation rolls.

    No I have not done a DNA test.  For one thing I’m not sure how such test can connect back 200 years and the other reason is far more sinister.  The US Security forces have a issued a warrant on Ancestry, and no doubt other genealogical websites, in order to obtain all the DNA data on record.  The matter is before the US courts.


     Web Editor

    That’s interesting.

    I’ve seen lots of commentary about the use of Gedmatch in finding the Golden State Killer but I can’t find anything about a warrant for Ancestry’s databases. Do you have a link?

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