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    You might have noticed that we have added a new way of finding relevant threads on our forum in the form of a Word Cloud at the top of the page.  The bigger the word, the more times it has been added as a tag to a post.  If you want to get your post noticed then be sure to add relevant tags so that the Word Cloud can pick them up.  Here are some good tips and IGRS rules for tagging;

    – Separate your tags with commas,

    – Use mixed case just as you would when writing – avoid all capitals as it looks like these are being recognised as new words,

    – Family surnames and place names make good tags,

    – Avoid using phrases as tags as these will look odd and probably won’t be repeated often (and will eventually disappear from the Word Cloud),

    – Don’t include personal information  like emails or phone numbers as tags (these will be removed to protect your security and you shouldn’t really put them in your post either for the same reason.)

    Get tagging!

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