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    Hi, I noticed several references in the Hussey-Walsh collection to transplant certificates and “Connaught certificates.” The years mentioned generally refer to the 1650’s and 1670’s. Those records sound like the certificates issued to dispossessed landowners. But, my understanding was those certificates had been lost in the Four Courts fire in 1922. Can someone help me understand what sort of certificates are included in the Hussey-Walsh collection? I have traced my ancestors back to about 1700-1750 and would appreciate the opportunity to see if the Creanes were connected to the O’Creans – who were dispossessed in about 1656. This forum has become a wonderful resource. Thanks for setting this up.

     Bob Frewen

    A full record of the certificates was written on vellum rolls that were destroyed in 1922. The certs themselves were in effect ‘passports’ to allow the people named therein to cross the Shannon. Each was issued by the local tax commissioner and lists the people, their status, ages, physical description and the number of animals. e.g.

    1. Tadhg Dwyer, of Bally bog, aged seventyfive, grey haired, tall stature; freeholder; twelve cows, five garrans. 2 Mary Dwyer, wife to the said Tadhg, aged sixty years, grey hair. 3 John Dwyer, son of the said Tadhg, of Ballybog Upper, aged thirty-one; browne; middle; freeholder; eight cows, one hundred sheep, nine garrans, five cows; forty-two acres of wheat and bear, seven of pease. 4. Margaret Dwyer, wife of the said John, aged twenty-five; flaxen; tall.
    The cert would then continue with a list of their children, servants, etc in the same manner.

    Some certs were copied before the ‘conflagration’ (e.g Prendergast refers to them regularly), hence the copies.


    Yea, that is my understanding. Thanks, Bob. It is wonderful that some have survived, even if they are second hand copies.

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