William Roland and Bridget Walsh, Connellsville PA.


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    William born 8 Nov 1824 in  Co Mayo. Arrived USA 1849. Parents William Roland and Margaret Corrigan. Castlebar. Married Bridget Walsh 1 Nov 1854, Allegany, Maryland. Bridget born 22 Nov 1834, Parents James and Bridget Walsh. They had 11 children. William died 1929 aged 104 and Bridget died 1910.

    I am trying to establish connection with people who I surmise were siblings of William Roland :- John married Margaret McHugh; Michael married EllenFergus; Bridget married John McGreevy; Celia married Bryan McGreevy.


    Hi Edward  were these possible siblings also in America or back in Ireland?  Do you have their marriage records to see if they share the same father’s name?


    Hi Jill The names of William Roland and Bridget Walsh’s parents were found in obituaries published in local papers in Pennsylyania. They emigrated in early 1850s. They married 1854 Frostburg, Maryland. ( Allegany, Maryland Index Project (Batch M53372-1) )

    Bridget and Cecelia Rowland married the McGreevys (adjacent townland) locally in Co Mayo, respectively 1856 and 1859. Names of parents not given in RC marriage records. Both families emigrated to US via Liverpool and NY 1863. and moved onto O’Neill, Holt, Nebraska.

    The supposed siblings who remained in Ireland, John Rowland married Mgt McHugh in Glenisland, 1862. Church record does not provide names of parents. Michael Rowland married Ellen Fergus in Crossmolina 1868. Michael’s father’s name is given as William Roeland.

    Can you suggest any lines of exploration


    Hi Edward it might be worth following  Bridget and Cecilia through all the American records as that may well provide you with their parents names, via  obituaries, family histories, or naturalisation papers.  It might also be worth looking for their American wills which may be online, just in case they mention anyone back home in Ireland.

    I notice William’s death certificate in Pennsylvania is attached to one of the trees on Ancestry and has the same name for his parents, his death was registered in Connellsville, Fayette, by someone sharing the same surname so possibly a family member although the name is now spelt Roland.

    Although he would have been well established by the time the Catholic Order of Forresters set up their life insurance scheme in 1879, as you can check their database for free it may be worth a quick look.   Some of their records can be really detailed.  See more on these records here http://tiara.ie/forest.php

    I would also be inclined to post your query on the Mayo genealogy page on Facebook in the hope of coming across others researching this family.  Then I would also post the query on the message area of the relevant parishes on Ireland Reaching Out, this again may in time result in making connections with others researching the same families who may have information different to yours.

    Another place to consider leaving a footprint would be via a free account on www.curiousfox.com  leaving a message with the heading Rowland in that part of Mayo.


    Jill Thank you for your very helpful suggestions.

    I have tracked the death of Bridget McGreevy but alas only an index- pre detailed certificate in that locality. Have not yet found death of Cecelia.

    Do you recall the tree on Ancestry to which was attached William Roland’s death certificate ?


    Hi Edward

    The tree belongs to someone called JanKeiley and the death certificate is attached to this person



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