Henry Hutton Maddock (1821–1905)

My Irish Ancestor

Hilary Jarvis

My Great, Great, Grandfather Henry Hutton Maddock was born in Dublin about 1821. I could not find a record of his birth but he was 30 at the time of his marriage in 1851 and his burial record stated that he died aged 84 in 1905. My Great, Great, Grandfather was always spoken of with a great deal of pride, by my mother. As children, we were told that he was a wealthy gentleman, son of a judge, who had lived in a castle in Co. Armagh. We were also told he had a dozen children whose multiple names my mother would reel off with alacrity. When records became available I was able to unravel Henry Hutton Maddock’s history with more accuracy. Although the family legend was not totally true, it had threads of truth which obviously had become embroidered over time.

Henry Hutton Maddock was the only son of Joseph Maddock, a solicitor and Mary Gunning, although I believe there was an older daughter, called Olivia. Joseph Maddock was an Attorney at law in the Court of King’s Bench and in 1820 he was appointed Deputy Clerk of the Crown for the Connaught Circuit for King’s Bench, Common Pleas and the Exchequer and served in this capacity until 1837. He had entered King’s Inns in 1778 (aged about 16) to qualify as an attorney. He married Mary Gunning in 1814 in St Peter’s Parish, Dublin when he was about 40 and Mary was 22. Mary Gunning’s maiden name was Hutton and Joseph Maddock’s father’s name was Henry so it is easy to see why his names were selected.

I know nothing of Henry’s upbringing or education although he would obviously have enjoyed the status of being the son of a solicitor. Like his father, Henry married later in life. He was 30 at the time of his marriage in 1851 when he married Anna Frances Bernard, aged 19, in Dublin. Other than being described as a bachelor and a gentleman the marriage notices I found give no clues as to his occupation.

Married by license on 28th Feb 1851, in St. Peter’s C. Of I. Dublin, Henry Maddock, of full age, a gentleman, bachelor with an address in Harold’s Cross. To Anna Frances Bernard, a minor, spinster of no stated occupation, with an address at 66 Aungier Street. Henry Maddock was the son of Joseph Maddock, a solicitor. Anna Frances Bernard was the daughter of Arthur O’Brien Bernard, a gentleman. – Record of marriage from St. Peter’s Parish.

Also, in the Gentleman’s Magazine 1851. “At Dublin, Henry Maddocks, esq. only son of the late J. Maddocks, esq. to Anna Frances, third dau. of Arthur O’Brien Bernard, esq. of Carlow, and Mount-Bernard, Isle Man.”

Note: spelling varies from Maddock to Maddocks in the notices of marriage

There is a record from the Town Clerk’s Office – City Assembly Hall, Dublin, in 1853.

“I hereby certify that Henry Maddock of 36 North Cumberland St. in the City of Dublin was admitted into the liberties and franchises of the City of Dublin on the eighteenth day of January 1853 by right of birth.”

Dated 25th Feb 1853. Roll # 4241. William Ford, Town Clerk, City of Dublin.

During the time that Henry and Ann lived in Dublin they had six children, the fifth and sixth being born when Henry and Anna lived at 63 Heytesbury St, Dublin. Two of these children probably died in childhood as there is no later record of them.

In approximately 1865 Henry and Anna moved from Dublin to Northern Ireland. While there, Henry was the estate manager for William Drogo Montagu, the 7th Duke of Manchester, at Tandragee Castle, Co. Armagh. Hence the family legend that my great, great, grandfather lived in a castle

While in Tandragee Henry and Anna had another five children between 1866 and 1875. Family legend has it that the Maddock children took lessons with the children of the Duke of Manchester and their tutors, in Tandragee Castle. Today Tandregee Castle houses offices for the Tayto potato crisp factory and the adjoining park incorporates a golf course.

Henry Hutton Maddock was described as a civil engineer in the 1880 Belfast/Ulster Street Directory, as well as in the 1901 Irish census and on one of his children’s birth records. However, there is no record of him graduating from Trinity College with an engineering degree nor was he ever registered with the Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland.

The names of the eleven Maddock children were interesting as they all had more than one name and many of these names were chosen from relatives in Anna Frances Bernard’s family or from the family of her mother. Her mother was Anna Frances Gayer, the youngest daughter of John Gayer, who was Deputy Clerk of the Irish Parliament just prior to dissolution.

Anna Frances (Bernard) Maddock was the daughter of Arthur O’Brien Bernard and Anna Frances Gayer. Her siblings were called: Maria Frances (married Thomas Jackson), Arthur Thomas, Standish O’Grady and Rozetta Bernard (married Samuel Knaggs)

Anna France (Gayer) Bernard’s sisters were Olivia Gayer who married, firstly Richard Wolfenden and secondly Robert Massaroon; Henrietta Harriet Gayer who married Benedict Hamilton Jn.; Maria Gayer who married William Bernard; Elizabeth Gayer who married Arthur O’Brien Bernard (who, after her death, married secondly Anna Frances Gayer); and Charlotte Gayer who married Rev. James Morgan. These daughters of John Gayer were born to his first wife Olivia Henderson. Only Anna Frances was born to John Gayer’s second wife, Dorothea Smith.

The names of the children of Anna and Henry Maddock reflect those of their relatives. Born in Dublin:

Anna Olivia (Posie) Maddock 1852

Arthur Hamilton Maddock, 1853, my great, grandfather

Charlotte Elizabeth Maddock 1856 (probably died before 1866 as another child was later named Charlotte)

Elinore (or Ellie) Galloway Maddock, 1859

William Hayes Maddock 1860,

Edward Bailey Bernard Stackpool Odell Maddock 1861. (In the Parish Register only the names Edward Stackpoole Odell are shown. His marriage certificate gave all the names).

Born in Tandragee, Co. Armagh:

Charlotte Massaroon Morgan Maddock 1866.

Henry Henderson Gayer Maddock. 1867

Harriet Hamilton Trail Maddock (Bridie) 1870

Mona Maud Mary Maddock 1873

Standish O’Grady Joseph Ira Dwight Knaggs Maddock 1875

The names Olivia, Hamilton, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Massaroon, Henderson, Traill and Gayer all derived from the Gayer sisters or relatives. The names Arthur, William, Bernard, Harriet, Stackpool, Odell, Standish, Knaggs and O’Grady all came from siblings or close relatives of Anna Frances Bernard. Henry and Anna Frances also used names from famous Irishmen – I am not able to determine if they were actually related. At least this use of family names made it easier to trace and connect family members.

Anna Frances (Bernard) Maddock was born in 1832 on the Isle of Man. Her father, Arthur O’Brien Bernard owned “Balladhoo”, a farm there, but became indebted to local retailers and spent time in a debtor’s prison on the Island. Upon his release the property was leased so that the rent could be used to satisfy debts.

“Whereas by indenture bearing the date of the 7th day of June 1833 made between the said William Trail and Fortescue Gregg Trustees of the one part Charles Scott and Co., Charles Scott, William Duff and Co., Thomas Gelling, Robert Cribbon, John Cain and John Stephens all of the Town of Douglas and creditors of the said Arthur O’Brien Bernard and Anna Frances Bernard of other part. It was agreed between the several parties thereto that said lands should be let or lease for any term of years not exceeding 21 years that the yearly rents of said lands reserved by the said lease should be applied for the benefit of one Mr. William Stephenson therein named and of the creditors of the said Arthur O’Brien Bernard and Anna Frances Bernard”

In the 1840 census the Bernard’s are still living in the Isle of Man but must have returned to Dublin prior to Anna’s marriage to Henry Hutton Maddock.

After the marriage of Henry Hutton Maddock and Anna Frances Bernard in 1854 a document was drawn up for the Bernards to sell the “Balladhoo” estate in the Isle of Man to Henry Hutton Maddock for £200. This deed was registered in 1855. A year later another deed dated Jan 9th 1855 was drawn up to sell “Balladhoo” to Mary Maddock (Mary (Gunning) Maddock was the mother of Henry Maddock and mother-in-law of Anna Frances Bernard).

A later document in 1873, reveals that Henry and Anna Maddock did not execute the 1855 document to sell “Balladhoo” to Mary Maddock for £200 but actually sold the estate to her for the sum of five shillings, far less than the £200 originally agreed on. Then, in an indenture dated 1875 Mary Maddock sold the estate back to Henry and Anna Frances for five shillings. This indenture was not registered in the Isle of Man Registry Office until 1904, probably at the time that Henry Hutton Maddock was making his will

There are various references to Henry and Anna Frances Maddock in both the Isle of Man and Ulster in the years between 1865 and 1906. It is probable that Henry remained in the employ of the Duke of Manchester at Tandragee Castle as well as spending time at “Balladhoo” in the Isle of Man. Henry’s mother, Mary Maddock, appears to have lived with Henry and Anna in Tandragee as a deed between them in 1873 describes Mary Maddock, as a widow “of Tandragee”

In Slater’s Directory Co Armagh 1881, under the section – Fire, & Office Agents. Lists “Henry Maddocks, Market St. English & Scottish Law (life)”. (Note spelling variance.). Members of the family are also mentioned in the 1886 edition of “Report of the Ulster Society for promoting the education of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind”. Donations noted from H. Maddock and Miss Maddock (Tandragee).

There was an additional deed in 1896 which described the sale of “Balladhoo” by Edward Gelling and his wife Anne to Henry Maddock of Balladhoo House of “lands of Balladhoo” which Gelling had purchased from Andrew Bowman in 1888. It appears from the various documents that describe the property first owned by the Bernards called “Mount Bernard” (later called Balladhoo House) and the adjacent property also known as “Balladhoo”, eventually were all owned by Henry Maddock.

Several of these deeds were witnessed by Olivia Gracey. Henry Hutton Maddock is believed to have had a sister named Olivia who was born in 1815 in Dublin. I could not find a marriage for Olivia Maddock but I did find a burial record for Olivia Gracey of Rathfarnham, Co Dublin in 1894 at the age of 79 (which means she would have been born in 1815). I can only assume that the Olivia Gracey who witnessed the deeds for Henry and Mary Maddock was Henry’s sister and Mary’s daughter. I have yet to find the proof.

Although the Maddocks owned “Balladhoo” in the Isle of Man they also maintained a residence in Tandragee, Co Armagh. Henry Maddock employed his son-in-law, John Kelly who owned an adjacent property, as steward of the farm.

While living in Tandragee Henry Hutton Maddock rented a stationery shop at 47 Duke St. Douglas, Isle of Man in 1872 for his son Arthur Hamilton Maddock. Arthur was 19 and, I suspect a bit of a scoundrel. At the age of 19, having just settled in Douglas, Arthur eloped with a local girl of 17 (Eliza Birtles, my great grandmother) and went to Liverpool. They married there in 1873 and, after giving birth to two children in Liverpool and while pregnant with a third child, Eliza left Arthur to return to the Isle of Man. Arthur followed her and was arrested for threatening his wife and mother-in-law. He later, re¬married bigamously and died an alcoholic a few years later. He must have been a huge embarrassment to his parents who were respectable members of the community.

The Maddock’s dual residences in the Isle of Man and Ulster are reflected in the records. In the 1881 and 1894 Brown’s Directory – Lonan, Isle of Man, Henry Maddock is listed as “farmer and landowner, Balladhoo”

In the 1891 census for Lonan, IoM, at Balladoo, Farm lists are:

Anna Maddock 1841 age 50 born in IoM

Henry Maddock born in Dublin 1831 age 60. Civil engineer

Mona Maddock 1873 aged 18 born in Dublin

Standish 1877 aged 14 born Launde Ayce, Armagh, Ireland

Edward Maddock 1871 aged 20 born in Dublin (actual birth year was 1861 so he was 30, not 20)

Henry H Gayer Maddock was overseas in 1891.

Note: Either Mona’s age is wrong or her place of birth. If she was born in Dublin then her birth year is before 1866

In the 1901 Irish census Henry, Anna, Edward, Mona and Henry Gayer Maddock were to be found in Tandragee. At the same time Anna Olivia (Posie), who was married to John Kelly (Manager of the “Balladhoo” estate), was living in the Isle of Man and Standish, her brother, is staying with Olivia and John Kelly. Arthur Maddock, the eldest son, had died in Liverpool in 1895.

Anna Frances (Bernard) Maddock died in May 1903 in Onchan, Isle of Man, at the age of 68. The family relocated to 1 Newsham Terrace in Douglas but retained the farm. Henry Hutton Maddock died in Douglas, Isle of Man at the age of 84. He was buried in Onchan in November 1905. Henry Maddock left a will dated May 1904. The application for probate, filed by his executor, son Edward, lists Henry’s living children as: Edward, Eleanor, Harriet, Olivia (Kelly) and Mona on the Island and Standish and Henry G. Maddock in South Africa.

Henry Hutton Maddock lived the life of a privileged gentleman growing up in Dublin, then living on the estate of the Duke of Manchester in Tandragee and spending his last years on a farm in Onchan, Isle of Man. His eldest daughter (Olivia) married; three children died in childhood; his son Arthur (the rascal) died in 1895 of “excessive drinking”; Hid daughters Ellie, Harriet and Mona appeared to have been spinsters as I find no record of a marriage for them; Edward married in his 40s in Liverpool and the two youngest sons Henry and Standish both served in the Boer War. Following the war Henry HG Maddock spent some time in Australia and South Africa before returning to the Isle of Man where he died aged 40. Standish Maddock emigrated to South Africa where he married an Irish woman from Dublin.


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