IGRS 80th Anniversary Archive – Rules of Submission

IGRS 80th Anniversary Archive

Rules of Submission:

  1. Submissions will be accepted up to the closing deadline advertised on the IGRS project webpage.
  2. All submissions are limited to a maximum of 2500 words.  Submissions significantly in excess of this limit will be rejected and the author invited to edit and re-submit the work.
  3. Individuals may make multiple submissions but the Project Co-ordinator & IGRS Council reserves the right to choose which submissions are published.
  4. Works must be submitted in their final form – the IGRS will not edit any submissions received.
  5. Works may only be submitted as Word or PDF documents.  Photographed manuscripts are not acceptable.
  6. The focus of each submission should be the life story of ONE Irish-born ancestor or relative, with their provenance clearly stated.  Please do not submit extended family histories as these will not be acceptable.
  7. All work submitted must the author’s own original work and not subject to any alternative claims of copyright by having been published elsewhere (whether or not for profit), either digitally or in printed form.  The only exception to this rule is where the work has ONLY been published either on the author’s own personal family history website and nowhere else, or printed copies have been distributed privately to family members.
  8. Any photographs or illustrations included in the work must be your own personal copyright or you have expressly secured the permission of the copyright holder to use them in your work and they are aware that it is being submitted to this archive for publication.  Any photographs or illustrations you have used that are freely available in the public domain must be clearly attributed as such, either in the caption to the photograph or illustration or in an end-note.
  9. All work must be submitted electronically via the email link provided on the IGRS webpage for the project.  We are sorry but it will not be possible to accept hand-written submissions as the archive will be held digitally.
  10. All submissions must be accompanied by the full contact details of the author including name, address and email address.  These are required for verification purposes only and WILL NOT be published with the submitted work in any digital form endorsed by the IGRS.  Any published work will be simply annotated with your name and country of abode.
  11. Should the IGRS receive contact from other interested parties in relation to the submitted work, they will act as an intermediary only in contacting the original author to alert them to the interest and inviting them to give permission for their email address to be released to the other interested party whose contact details will be similarly protected by the IGRS.  If permission is giving for the author’s email address to be given, this will be communicated to the interested party and thereafter the IGRS will no longer be involved in any communications.
  12. All submissions will be evaluated for inclusion at the discretion of the Project Co-ordinator and the IGRS Council.  Should any submission be deemed unsuitable for inclusion, the author will be informed as to why this is the case and invited to amend the work accordingly if possible and re-submit.


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