IGRS Adds Co. Londonderry / Derry Census Substitute from 1828

The Irish Genealogical Research Society (IGRS) has added a new census substitute database to its website. The Balteagh Regium Donum Petition of 1828 notes details on approximately 200 Presbyterian families, comprising 1,023 individuals, residing in sixteen townlands lying to the south-east of the town of Limavady, Co. Londonderry / Derry.

The first page of the petition, noting families from the townland of Ballyness & Maine.

The petition refers to the Presbyterian congregation of Balteagh, founded in 1823, and its attempt to claim a share of the Regium Donum (or Royal Bounty) Fund. The Fund was established by Charles I in 1672 for the upkeep of Presbyterian clergy in Ireland.

The petition, which was ultimately successful, notes, by townland, the head of each family, spouse and children (if any). For instance, in the townland of Ballyness & Maine is the family of Joseph Perrie and his wife (though unnamed) and their six children: Bettyann, Sarah, Lavinia, Joseph, Martha and Isabella. Unfortunately, ages are not recorded, but alternative sources will likely allow ages to be established or estimated.

The index entries in the database are linked to scanned images of the original document, which forms part of the Official Papers series at the National Archives of Ireland.

The full database is a members’ only resource, but name searches can be made freely by all.

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