IGRS Wills index launches online (Members-only)

The Members-only area of IrishAncestors.ie, the website of the Irish Genealogical Research Society, is continuing to expand at a pace. This month sees the launch online of the IGRS Irish Wills card index, an outstanding and valuable resource held by the Society’s Library.

A sample card from the IGRS Wills card index

The IGRS Wills card index was an early attempt by IGRS members to build a database of genealogical abstracts from a variety of testamentary sources.

It holds up to 4,000 cards, and includes indexed details of Irish Prerogative Wills from the Betham Collection, as well as from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury; the Welply Wills at the Society of Genealogists, plus the Swanzy Collection at the IGRS Library. Other sources are not only wills deposited at the Library, or quoted in our manuscript collection, but also wills held in private collections quoted in The Irish Genealogist, as well as in other journals. Many regional wills & administrations are also included.

The full Index is now online within the Members-Only Area of IrishAncestors.ie (see Latest Updates).

Can’t view the IGRS Wills Index?  If you’re not a member of the IGRS you won’t be able to gain access to the Members-only area of IrishAncestors. Perhaps you’d like to consider becoming a member? You can find details of the many valuable benefits of membership here.


Updated 18 November 2013


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