IGRS Launches 80th Anniversary Archive

To mark the 80th anniversary since the IGRS was founded in 1936, the Society is launching an 80th Anniversary Archive.

Since the beginning, eighty years ago, our main objective has been to offset the devastating loss of the Irish Public Records at the Four Courts, Dublin, in 1922, by creating a unique collection of Irish genealogical material.  That founding policy continues to this day and is the stimulus for the Society to celebrate its 80th anniversary by creating a special archive of the personal stories of Irish-born ancestors.IMG_1290

In launching the initiative, IGRS chairman, Steven Smyrl said, “Whilst modern genealogy has seen huge advances in the amount of data that has become available, especially online, we shouldn’t forget that all the facts we find are actually part of a richer narrative – the life stories of the individuals who nest in our family trees!  So, we are calling for anyone with a favourite Irish-born ancestor to write up their story and submit it for posterity to our archive.  We are looking forward to hearing some fascinating tales and hope to meet our target of at least 80 in this our 80th anniversary year!”

graveyard-263269_1280The resulting archive will be made freely available in its entirety via our website and the best of the submissions will be included in a special anniversary eBook.

Details of how to submit your monograph to the IGRS, including an example, can be found online here.

Why not celebrate your ancestor’s life by recording their life story for posterity?


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