IGRS Revives its Student Membership Scheme

The Irish Genealogical Research Society is pleased to announce that it has revived its Student Membership Scheme and admitted a young enthusiast under the category. Daniel Loftus, a teenager from Co. Cork, has been made a student member of the IGRS, with annual membership fees waived, for a period of three years.

The status was granted to offer encouragement for Daniel to develop experience and knowledge of genealogy. It was given in recognition of the commitment to the subject he has shown already in setting up a website, a blog and social media accounts to engage with people, sharing his enthusiasm for family history.

The Student Membership Scheme was first introduced over a decade ago and awarded at the discretion of the Society’s Council, though it has not been active in the past few years. This is the first time it has been granted to a secondary school student. Daniel responded ‘Wow, this is an honour!’ when informed that he was to receive this concession from the IGRS.

Daniel came to the attention of the IGRS through his participation in @ancestryhour on Twitter (Tuesdays, 7pm GMT). He began researching his family history in January 2017, following the death of his granduncle. His research was entirely online, but he also contacted family members for information. Having completed his Junior Certificate, he started a website and blog in June 2019. He posts helpful hints, reviews of software and interviews.

The Chairman of the IGRS said: ‘Being someone who has been interested in genealogy since I was a child, it is good to see that family history still resonates with young people. It was immediately clear to us that Daniel’s interest in the subject was genuine and something to which he was already dedicating a lot of time. It’s good to know that the IGRS can help to encourage and foster his interest.’

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