Launch of Early Irish Birth Index

The Society has launched another new and innovative database to add to those already found on its website – announced yesterday at RootsTech 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Early Irish Birth Index aims to bring to the attention of Irish genealogists the myriad of alternative sources noting birth information in Ireland.

Roz McCutcheon

Roz McCutcheon, the creator of the new Early Irish Birth Index.

The Early Irish Birth Index  holds just over 5,000 records of alternatives sources for births in Ireland, ranging from early Irish census records, Registry of Deeds’ memorials, newspapers, gravestone inscriptions, diaries and letters. The number of names in the contained exceeds 10,400.

This new index is the second database to be launched by the Irish Genealogical Research Society in the last two years. The Early Irish Marriage Index, which has produced an ever-growing index to alternative sources for marriage records in Ireland, was created in 2012 and already now holds more than 66,000 records, noting the names of well over 147,000 brides, grooms and relatives.

Both databases are the creation of IGRS Vice-President and Fellow, Rosalind (Roz) McCutcheon.  Speaking at yesterday’s launch of the Early Irish Birth Index at  RootsTech Roz said:  “My long-held interest in Irish genealogy made me realise that with so many genealogy records in Ireland ‘missing’, there was a real need for an index to draw together the huge number of alternative sources available. Initially, I suggested the creation of the Early Irish Marriage Index to note data from the period 1660 to 1863 (full civil registration being available from 1864).

I“The database has proved to be an amazingly popular online resource, so we decided to add a Birth Index. Later in the year we hope to launch an Early Irish Death Index too.”

Unlike the Marriage Index, which is free to all researchers, the Birth Index is a resource for IGRS Members only. However, non-members can make a free Surname-only search to find out how many entries within the database match their search criteria.




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