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Captain Henry Clanchy (1894-1966) was one of the Irish Genealogical Research Society’s earliest members.

During the 1950s he prepared an extensive Card Index of marriages gleaned from some of the Society’s unique manuscript collection and pedigree files.

Given the nature of the material he was consulting, the marriages tend to be those of the fairly well-heeled and well-connected, hence a high proportions of Captains and Majors, Reverends, Sirs, JPs and doctors among the names recorded. Geographically, the Index covers the entire island of Ireland and there are nearly 6,000 entries.

Organised by surname, Captain Clanchy’s Card Index has now been scanned and is being made available to IGRS members in a series of downloadable pdfs.

The card entries for surnames beginning with the letters A to M can be downloaded below. The largest-sized file is just over 1Mb. Most are around 700kb.

  Abbot to Armstrong   Arnold to Baillie
  Baker to Barbour   Barcroft to Barry
  Barter to Bell   Bellamy to Birch
  Bird to Margaret Blake   Blake (Mark) to Booth
  Borr to Boyd   Boyle to Brazier
  Bredin to Gerald Brown   Brown (Grace) to Bunting
  Burden to Burne   Burnside to Isabella Butler
  Butler (James) to Buxton   Byder to Capel
  Carew to Cave   Cavendish to Clark
  Clarke to Colborne   Colclough to Colewell
  Collins to Coppinger   Corbett to Craig
  Crainsburgh to Crone   Cronin to Cuthbert
►   Dabridgecourt to Day ►   Deane to Dick
►   Eacutt to Esmonde ►   Etheridge to Ezechial
►   Fagan to Fish ►   Fisher to Richard Fitzgerald
►   Sarah Fitzgerald to Fleetwood ►   Fleming to Forsythe
►   Fortescue to Fyers ►   Gabbitt to Gay
►   Gearon to Gilpin ►   Given to Gordon-Staples
►   Gore to Grace ►   Hackett to Hamilton
►   Hamm to Hartstonge ►   Harvey to Hemsworth
►   Henchy to Hill ►   Hilliard to Honner
►   Hopkins to Hurly ►   Hussey to Izod
►   Jack to Jocelyn ►   Johnson to Julian
►   Karkesy to Kelly ►   Kemp to Kingsmill
►   Kingsmill to Kyans ►   Laban to Layland
►   Leach to Lidwill ►   Liley to Long
►   Longford to Lowry ►   Lowther to Lynch
►   Lyndon to Lysaght ►   MacAdam to McCraith
►   MacQuay to Mahon ►   Mahoney to Marwood
►   Mason to Middleton ►   McCraith to McKenna
►   McKenzie to MacPherson ►   Miers to Charles Moore
►   Moore (Christian) to Morton ►   Mosse to Myles
►   Nagle to Neylan ►   Nicholas to Nunn
►   O’Brien to O’Callaghan ►   O’Callan to O’Donnellan
►   O’Donoghue to O’Keefe ►   O’Kelly to O’Rourke
►   O’Shannassy to Oxford ►   Paget to Pasage
►   Paterson to Pennefather ►   Penrose to Phelan
►   Philips to Plunket ►   Pointz to Prendergast
►   Preston to Pyne ►   Quin to Raymond
►   Reading to Richardson ►   Ricketts to Roche
►   Rochford to Rothe ►   Rouaux to Ryves
►   Sadleir to Saunders ►   Saurin to Serjeantson
►   Seton to Shores ►   Short to Slatten
►   Small to Sneyd ►   Somerville to Starkins
►   Staunton to Stewart ►   Stitt to Synnot
►   Tate to Thomson ►   Thornborough to Trayer
►   Treacy to Tyrrell ►    Uckele to Vyse
►   Wade to Walsh ►   Walter to Wellesley
►   Welsh to Whittaker ►   Whitty to Woodham
►   Woods to Zurehurst


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