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The following titles are owned by IGRS members who have volunteered to undertake look-ups in them for other members. If you would like something to be checked for you, please send your request, together with your membership number, by email.

Please note that this service is entirely voluntary; it is run by members for the benefit of other members.

Mary Casteleyn

  • Burke’s Colonial Gentry. 2 vols. 1895
  • A Great Sacrifice: Cork Servicemen who died in the Great War, edited by White and O’Shea, Cork. 2010
  • Forgotten Heroes: Galway Soldiers of the Great War 1914-1918. William Henry, Cork 2007
  • The Carlow War Dead: a history of the casualties of the Great War. Burnell.2011
  • The Tipperary War Dead: a history of the casualties of the First World War. Burnell. 2008
  • The Waterford War Dead: a history of the casualties of the Great War. Burnell. 2010
  • The Irish Dames of Ypres. Rev Dom Patrick Nolan. 1908
  • The Irish Nuns at Ypres: an episode of the War. D.M.C. 1915
  • Biographical notices from the Provincial Newspapers of Ennis, Limerick, Clonmel and Waterford 1758-1821, compiled by Rosemary ffolliott
  • Biographical notices from the Cork Newspapers 1754-1827, compiled by Rosemary ffollliott

Peter. R.B. Davies

  • Piggott’s 1824 Provincial Directory of Ireland
  • Lewis’s Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, plus maps, 1837
  • Index of Townlands, Parishes and Baronies, 1851
  • An Irish Alamanac of Notable Events in Ireland from 1014-1993
  • The Land and the People of 19th century Cork. James Donnelly. 1975
  • The Parish of Ballinasloe, Co. Galway. Rev Patrick Egan. 1960 (1994 reprint)
  • Hardiman’s History of Galway. 1820
  • The Pooles of Mayfield, by Rosemary ffolliott. Dublin. 1958
  • Seventy years young: memories of Elizabeth, Countess of Fingall. 1991

Other members have libraries of book which are not listed here. Please let us know if you are seeking information from a specific title and we will check to see if a member has the book.


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