Early Irish Death Index

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The Early Irish Death Index seeks to provide pointers to the many alternative sources beyond parish registers and civil registration records. The extant parish registers are, in any case, becoming more available through websites including RootsIreland.ie, and the government website IrishGenealogy.ie.

Member of the IGRS?  Search the full database Here.

Not a member of the IGRS? The full database is available only to Members. However, as an initial aid, a restricted but free  Surname-Only Search of the database can be made by non-members. A search will tell you how many entries in the database match your search criteria. It will not provide all the details of those matched records.

We recommend you read the Introduction to the Index by Rosalind McCutcheon.  When searching the Surname-Only index, please allow for vagaries of spelling; try searching just using the first 3 letters of the name. Look also at alternatives, such as: Nolan/Nowlan, Reilly/Riely/Riley, Crowley/Croly. A good guide for alternative spellings can be found at www.irishtimes.com/ancestor/.

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