Early Irish Marriage Index

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Purpose of the index

This Index seeks to provide pointers to the many alternative sources beyond parish registers and civil registration records. The extant parish registers are, in any case, becoming more available through websites including RootsIreland.ie, and the government website IrishGenealogy.ie.

Introduction to the index by Rosalind McCutcheon

Search the index

To allow for the vagaries of spelling, try searching just using the first 3 letters of the name. Look also at alternatives, such as: Nolan/Nowlan, Reilly/Riely/Riley, Crowley/Croly. A good guide for alternatives spellings can be found at John Grenham’s website

Sources and where to find them

Code Explanation
APC Admiralty Passing Certificates, held at National Archives, Kew, London
ARMY Army records, mainly held at National Archives, Kew, London
BETH Sir William Bethams’ Will Abstracts & other Manuscripts
BIBLE Family Bible
BIFR Burke’s Irish Family Records
BIOG Biographies in printed works
BURKE Burke’s Landed Gentry etc
CAPT Captain Clancy’s Card Index of Marriages gleaned from various sources in the IGRS Library
CEN Census Records
CHA Chancery Bills
CHIC Chichester House Claims
CLER Clergy Succession Lists
COR A Cork Archives
CROLLS Conformity Rolls, annotated by Father Clare & published by IGRS. ED: Eileen O’Byrne & Anne Chamney
DIARY Diary & Occurrence Books
DIB Dictionary of Irish Biography
DKPRI Reports of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records in Ireland
DNB Dictionary of National Biography
ENG M Miscellaneous records from England
EXCH Exchequer Bills
FCCI Father Clare’s Newspaper Index, available at IGRS
GUILD Merchant Guild Records at National Library of Ireland
IG The Irish Genealogist – Journal of the Irish Genealogical Research Society
IGRS NL IGRS Newsletter – quoting Vol No & Issue No
IR ANC Irish Ancestor, quoting Vol No & Issue No
JNL Published Journals
LTR Family letters
MI Memorial Inscriptions
MISC O Miscellaneous records from overseas
MLB Marriage Licence Bond or Grant (noting Diocese)
MLN Michael Leader Newspaper Collection at IGRS Library
NAI National Archives of Ireland
NEWS Newspaper: Name of Newspaper & Source to be shown, e.g. IG/8/2 = The Irish Genealogist, Volume 8, No 2
NLI National Library of Ireland
OAP Old Age Pension Records, National Archives of Ireland
O’KIEF O’Kief, Coshe Mang etc; Cork & Kerry Records in 16 volumes; full set at IGRS Library
PLAW Poor Law entries
PREG O Parish Registers from overseas
PRIV Original records in private keeping
PRONI Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
PUBL Published books, other than Burke etc, shown elsewhere in this list
RIA Royal Irish Academy
RFF Rosemary ffolliott’s Newspaper Collection, available at IGRS Library
ROD Registry of Deeds – reference given is Book/Page/Number or, after 1832, Year/Page/Number
SCHU Schulze Marriage Register at General Register Office, Ireland
SCT M Miscellaneous records from Scotland
SMY Smythe-Wood Newspaper Abstracts at IGRS Library
TCD Trinity College Dublin
UCC University College Cork
VIS Visitations of Ireland
WAL M Miscellaneous records from Wales
WEB Website with url
WEL Records taken from the Welply Notebooks
WILL Wills & Administrations, with source given

Chapman Codes

The geographical references within this index are based on the Chapman Codes.


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