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The Society’s annual journal, The Irish Genealogist (TIG), has been published since 1937. It is widely recognised as a forerunner in the field of Irish genealogy and for making a unique scholarly contribution to Irish genealogical studies for over 80 years.

Over the period the journal has been published it has allowed members to share the results of their work through many thousands of genealogy-related articles, family histories and transcriptions of unusual records and sources. Typically, members have submitted information from newspapers, parish registers, family bibles, genealogies, voters lists, pedigrees, membership rolls, deeds, marriage settlements, census substitutes, land and tenure surveys, marriage licence bonds, courts records, wills and much more besides.

All these contributions have been scanned to create a brand new, readily accessible resource of more than a quarter of a million names.


The Irish Genealogist Database, 1937–2017

The database comprises all personal names noted in editions published in Volumes 1-12, which cover the years 1937 to 2009. It can be searched by surname, with and without a first name.

Search the database

Volumes 1-9 (1937-1997)

For the years 1937-2001, at this stage the database does not include scanned images of articles from the individual Journals. Given this, if you find an entry of interest:

  • you can identify the name of the article it appears in here
  • purchase a back copy of the relevant journal (if still in print) here
  • buy a CD of all the journals published from 1937 to 1993 from Eneclann
  • check whether your nearest major library has a copy of the relevant journal. Most state and national libraries around the world hold The Irish Genealogist.

Volumes 10-12 (1998–2009)

For the years 1998-2009 the database includes scanned images of all articles, linked to the relevant index entries, which members can instantly download, in full, from the Journal. So far, we have launched Volumes 10, 11 and 12, which cover all the articles in the Journals published in the years 1998 to 2009 inclusive.

Volumes 13-14 (2010-2017)

Articles from Volumes 13 and 14, covering all issues of the Journal published 2010–2017 inclusive, will be added to the Database over the next 12 to 18 months.

Members and non-members

Although the Database is a resource for Members only, anyone can search the names index and additionally, all articles in volume 10 are free to view by all.


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