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The database contains the indexes compiled from scanned copies of the Irish genealogist. The search results include a link to the article where the index entry is found. Note the page number or use the search function in the PDF download file to find the reference.

Name variants

Many of the articles appearing in the Irish Genealogist are based on old documents when name spelling varied a lot. Thus, the same family may be spelt in different ways. Some will be phonetically similar such as NEALE and NEILL. The use of prefixes has changed over time and varies between sources. The person recorded as John O'GRADY in one document may be the same as John GRADY in another. The NEILL family may appear as O'NEILL, NEALE, MCNEILL etc. In these data O'Neill appears as O Neill and McNeilla and Mc Neill.

Search options family field

If you are interested in the family SWAN using the default search will return SWAN, SWANN SWANZY and any other family beginning with SWAN. To restrict you search only to SWAN you should choose the exact family search option.

Sometimes a family has a compound name such as CROKER-KING, and the first two search options for KING will not find CROKER-KING. The third option finds all names that contain the search term. Thus searching for JOHN would also return AP JOHN.

Search options forename field

There are two search options for forenames. The first and default option finds all forenames that contain the search term. Searching for "Ed" will return names like Edward and Edwin but also names like "George Kedman". The second search option returns all the forenames beginning with the search term. This when searching for "Ed" will return named like "Edward John" but not "John Edward".

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