Society’s Early BMD Database Now Notes Third of a Million Names

Another significant tranche of data has been added to the Society’s Early Irish Birth, Death and Marriage database. In August the marriage database broke through to six figures when, after adding a further 4,526 marriages, the new total in the Marriage Index rose to 100,518, noting a magnificent 222,995 individual names.

This update also included a further 716 births and 1,994 deaths, bringing the overall total of BMD records to 163,569 – noting a third of a million personal names!

Included in the marriages are over 450 new entries culled from the Registry of Deeds.  A regular contributor, Hilary Jarvis, has also contributed a significant amount to all three categories by trawling through old, rare publications. We also continue to add entries from the Church of Ireland Marriage Licence Bond indexes.  While in most cases, these contain very little family information, they are, nonetheless, invaluable for pointing a researcher to the probable date and area to find further information, such as a pre-marriage settlement in the Registry of Deeds or a newspaper notice.

The database now contains good newspaper coverage for the whole country in the 1700s and many newspapers can be read in their entirety online, giving a wonderful flavour of life in another age.  This update includes entries from Walker’s Hibernian Magazine from 1783, 1792, 1804-1806, both for deaths & births.  Marriages from this newspaper 1771 to 1812 were, of course, published by Henry Farrar in 1897 and were added to the database at an early date.

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