The Irish Genealogist has been published

The Irish Genealogist, Vol 13, Number 4, has been published and a copy posted to all members of the Society whose membership was up-to-date at the end of September 2013.

This is the 2013 volume of the Society’s highly regarded Journal. Its production schedule overran, partly due to its size – it is just under 200 pages long – but we think you’ll agree it was worth the wait.

It is the first volume edited by our new Honorary Editor, Dr David Butler. “I would like to draw attention to the breadth of the material in this year’s Journal,” he says. “Not only is it the largest journal in 25 years, and with enough word count for a doctoral thesis (I can testify to that!), it has some cutting edge research and innovative use of material of use to both the Irish at home and abroad. “

You can view the full list of Contents on the IGRS website,

Most members resident in the UK and Ireland will have received their copy of the Journal by the end of this week. Those living outside the geographical British Isles will have a little longer to wait, unfortunately; the Journal is posted by Surface Mail so it may be some weeks before all members get to enjoy its articles.

Looking further forward, Dr Butler already has some articles flagged up for the 2014 Journal, which will be published and distributed by the end of this year. Submissions should be sent to him, following the guidelines on page 467 of the current issue or online here, by the month of June.

“I greatly encourage illustrated articles as well as traditional presentation of sources and documents and emphasise that genealogy should always be about contextualisation and the wider picture, drawing from historical, geographical, religious, political and regional studies perspectives.”





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