Thirty Thousand Pages – and Still Searching for that Marriage!

An example of a marriage settlement (registered in 1769) entered into one of the memorial volumes at the Registry of Deeds, which hold records dating back to 1708.

Genealogists worldwide can benefit from one Irish genealogist’s long quest to find a marriage settlement registered at the Registry of Deeds in Dublin. Roz McCutcheon is a vice-president of the Irish Genealogical Research Society who has been undertaking family history research for many decades. More of her work has been added to the IGRS’ Early Irish Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes.

In her quest for information about two ancestral marriages, which Roz believes could well be locked away in the Registry of Deeds, she says that “having failed to find any record of these marriages in my own family in the 1770s, where only one surname was known, I resolved to read every page of every book from the early 1770s up to the early 1780s, in the hope that I could stumble across at least one of the marriages. So far, I have read 47 books – a total of about 30,000 pages –but needless to say, not one related to the two marriages I’m attempting to find!

However, Roz’s careful searching has identified many other marriage settlements in the decade in which she has been working. “I have identified approximately 1,850 marriage settlements, which I’m gradually indexing for the Registry of Deeds Index Project.”

This latest trache of data being added to the IGRS’ Early Irish Marriage Index includes details from 500 of these ROD marriage settlements, with a further 200 drawn from old, rare publications. The additional number of marriages added is 1,324 and the total number of names in the Marriage Index now stands at 237,745.

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